WP Engine Going Strong

  • January 20, 2014
  • Scott

Last week the news broke that WP Engine has completed a $15M funding round. We don’t have a financial interest in the company, but we’re very happy customers.  WP Engine runs our WordPress installations that control our site and blog.  It is a great service and for BPM folks out there thinking about it, think of it this way:  WP Engine is taking the process of managing WordPress off your hands for an effective price.  And they do it the right way – the quality of service is higher than it is if you self-serve, and the cost is lower.

WP Engine, founded in 2010, is a hosting and management company powering tens of thousands of websites and applications built with the WordPress platform. It employs more than 96 workers.
In October, the company replaced its founding CEO with former Bazaarvoice Inc. Chief Operating Officer Heather Brunner. In June 2013, WP Engine signed a lease for 14,500-square-feet of downtown office space in Lavaca Plaza at 504 Lavaca St.

WordPress drives a huger percentage of the Internet’s websites now, and WP Engine is powering a growing number of those.  Great to see another Austin service/startup doing well, and going big!



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