Working with us in the new WFH reality in the age of COVID19

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Scott Francis

If you're a client of BP3, you already know that our team is very diligent when working remotely, very communicative, and very respectful of the normal flow of work at your offices.? On March 11th BP3 moved to a travel restricted footing, and two days later to a work-from-home footing, in order to minimize interpersonal contacts, and to comply with both national and local guidance on social distancing and even shelter-in-home directives from our various locations.? Nearly all of our clients have gone through a similar evolution and on about the same calendar schedule, give or take a few days.

For many BP3 team members, working from home (or at your offices), is the norm.? For those of us in Austin (our Headquarters), we also have a flexible work from home/office policy in normal times.? But in order to protect our clients and our team members and everyone's loved ones, we are working from home now and minimizing contacts.

This isn't news, by now you've likely seen announcements and notifications from many of your software and services vendors.? I just wanted to express our thanks to our clients past and present who have brought us to this point, and a special thanks to all of our clients who entrust their business outcomes to our team.? We are going to continue to find faster ways to do that for you!

Meanwhile, expect us to take some of the time we're saving by not being on airplanes to share more on the blog and social media.? In this time of working remotely, that sense of community we feel with fellow practitioners, our clients, and each other is even stronger!? If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me personally -

Hoping you and yours are healthy and safe,


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