Why Choose Austin? BigCommerce (a recent IPO) Weighs in

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Scott Francis

The Austin Technology Council (ATC) is starting up a series of short-bite interviews with executives of Austin tech companies and the first one is with Robert Alvarez, CFO & COO of BigCommerce - which just went public in a very successful IPO.

The part I wanted to call attention to was why BigCommerce - an Australian company - chose Austin as their US Headquarters (and eventually corporate headquarters).

It comes down to their experience when the founders visited Austin. They only came to Austin because they had a contractor here who said they should come visit before they make a decision - and so they did - and everyone they met with went so out of their way to help them, to answer their questions, to help them find offices, and to find people that were willing to help build the business...

This really echoes something that Angelos Angelou said once upon a time at one of his Austin Economic Forecasts - that he never worries about showing corporate customers around in Austin - because Austinites are *shameless* about promoting Austin to visitors. One thing is true: Austinites tend to love Austin, and tell too many of their friends about it! 

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