Where I go for Apple Coverage

  • November 18, 2014
  • Scott

I write about Apple just enough that you might wonder if this is really a BPM blog, or a BP3 blog. I find it an interesting lens through which to view industry, and after shining a light on something about Apple, I like to turn the mirror on ourselves and re-examine parts of our business.  This post is dedicated to sharing where I get my Apple news, to those who prefer to go straight to the source.

You might thing you can go anywhere for Apple coverage.  And I guess you can.  But I thought I’d take time to write down a few of my favorite spots for Apple analysis and news, always helps to have it in once place.

First, the news:

  • Apple-biased but timely:  Apple Insider
  • Sensationalist pro and con: Business Insider – including Henry “Apple is dead in the water” Blodget.
  • Fortune’s coverage, headed by PED.
  • All other news sites when there’s something interesting going on

Next up, the analysts.  Well, really there’s only three that matter:

  • Horace Dediu, Asymco – he just does such a good job of breaking down how mobile and telecom industries work, using graphs, statistics, and research to make his points.  He’s also an engaging speaker and writer with a touch of humility, which also makes him a great read.
  • Benedict Evans, A16Z – all the graphs and stats, and insights – none of the humility.  He’s a blunt debater and not looking to make friends in the process (which in a way, is commendable). Typical response in comment section “No.”
  • Neil Cybart (aka Sammy the Walrus IV), Above Avalon (previously AAPL Orchard). He started out using a pseudonym, “Sammy the Walrus IV” – to comment on Apple news across a variety of sites and platforms, including Business Insider and Twitter.  He’s always demonstrated great intuition (or knowledge) around Apple’s stock and market presence.  Now he’s launched a new site (Above Avalon) dedicated to Apple analysis and so far it looks like a gem.  For an example of his non-conventional analysis read this post on Apple’s investment in the music business.

The Apple Insiders… people who just have an unfair level of insight into how Apple works, either from working there, from friends in the know, or from just understanding the company better than everyone else.

  • John Gruber, Daring Fireball.  Not sure this one needs any introduction.
  • Matt Drance’s Apple Outsider. Infrequently updated but always worth reading, this Apple alum has great insights to share.
  • Matt Richman’s blog – he has the respect of many industry peers
  • Jean-Louis Gasée’s Monday Note, where he brings both an alum’s and an industry insider’s perspective to the analysis.  I also like his perspective as an executive not just as someone who used to work for a company.

If you’re wondering why you should care about Apple news, it has in the past been a good way to learn about the economics of the PC business, the music player business, the cell phone business, the tablet business, and now, apparently the watch business.  You can almost get your MBA for free by just staying informed as events unfold.



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