Where are my Reports?

  • December 7, 2017
  • Nolan

If you are using a BPM process at one point or another you have probably asked yourself, “Where are my Reports?!”.  I’ve seen it on every process transformation project I’ve worked.  Everyone starts their Digital Transformation journey with grand ideas of becoming a transparent Data Driven Organizations but when push comes to shove many fall short.  When your process makes it into production all the reports and metrics you were promised are either not available or not what you expected.


The reality of process transformation is that organizations don’t overhaul critical business systems simply to build one more metric or chart.  Transformation ain’t no picnic and changing a business, creating a new system, and bringing everyone along for the ride is messy.  As a result, it typically takes serious process pain to justify this undertaking.  


So what does this mean?

What this all means is that your reports, metrics, and analytics are not the destination for your Digital journey.  They are your compass!


Reporting takes a back seat in your releases because it’s hard to measure the direct business value of a new dashboard or chart.  Once you realize that reporting is not a new feature but the tool by which all new features should be justified reporting prioritization will change.  All time spent in development should be justified by measurable increases in business goals.  Development without guideposts runs the risk of your development team running in circles.


So next time you are delivering requirements to your dev team or planning a release think about how each story is supposed to positively impact the business.  How can we measure the success of this story, this sprint, or this release.  The first step towards making on your journey towards becoming a Data Driven Organization is the realization that reporting is a tool for development and not just another user story.   

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