When the Business Drives #BPM

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Scott Francis

I sat in on a presentation recently that really impressed me.? It was the head business SME presenting the results of a 14-week BPM pilot to the stakeholders - executive and otherwise.? It was an impressive presentation of the process, the justification, and the benefits.? And a great job of painting a picture of what the future could look like with this process, running on a BPM platform.

It was also a demonstration that something we have long believed in really works:? putting the business in the driver's seat.? Which means: the business gets to prioritize what we work on.? We advise them, and keep them honest (meaning, for example, that not everything is first priority).? In return, the business will get their highest priorities implemented.? But the most important achievement is that the business owns their business process, and their business process solution.

Business taking responsibility for their processes has been a theme that Phil Gilbert has often hit on in his blog and in speaking engagements.? It is a surprising (to some) message from a software vendor, but it is one that we happen to agree with.? It is something that Lance and I advocated even before we started BP3, and we've seen the power of that approach over and over again.

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