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Scott Francis

We've been honored to have speaking roles at IBM Impact for each of the last 3 years.? We're hoping to return to the speaker's podium again in 2013!? I really like some of the sessions we proposed, and thought it would be interesting to get feedback from those who read this blog on these ideas, and what we should include that we are at risk of overlooking with our ideas.

The first of these is BPM in 30 Days. With one of our favorite customers, we were able to work with them to turn around installation, configuration, and initial implementation of a process for them in 30 days.? Obviously not every process is cut out for this kind of pace, nor every customer, nor every consulting firm! In the session we plan to share the methods and techniques employed to make it happen.? How do we do it?? Just ask!

Another topic is Designing UI for Mobile BPM from Day 1 - Instead of waiting for approval to go "mobile", use our BP3 BP Mobility toolkit to introduce Coach Views that are mobile ready from Day 1, and yet look great on a laptop or desktop browser.? In this session, we would walk through how we leveraged coach views to create compelling UIs in HTML5 that are mobile-ready.? BP3 is all about rich experiences in mobile, and in 2012 we've invested to come up with a rich HTML5 option for mobile experiences. We've also suggested a topic around best practices for Mobile BPM projects.

For the heritage customers we put together a session proposal around Migrating from prior versions of IBM BPM to version 8x.? So many customers are going through this, that we've built a great expertise in migration.? This session is a case study in which we would walk through trouble spots and challenges together with our client, who performed most of the work on the migration itself.? What kind of migration questions or concerns would you like us to address if this session is selected?

We submitted several other topics, but this gives you an idea of the range- Mobile, Speed of deployment, and migration of heritage customers.? There's so much more to discover at Impact, but this gives you an idea of what we're hoping to contribute to the discussion.

Let's hope some of our ideas get picked up!

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