What Should Trouble Apple?

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Scott Francis

The kickingbear blog has a reminder to Apple fans of Three Things that Should Trouble Apple:

  • Content Management - develop relationships directly with the creatives
  • iTunes - as a media hub, iTunes is losing favor.
  • People - do more to retain the folks that created iOS and the iPhone?

For Apple the risk here is that someone else figures out the formula and the deals to appeal to the majority of content consumers. Once someone locks that up then translating that to favour another platform becomes relatively easy.

If the launch of the iPod and the iTunes Store taught Apple a lesson I hope that it?s that the incumbents are willing to do trials with the minority market-holders.

If there?s a problem for Apple it?s that they?ve already invented the future. It?s a done deal. The best and brightest engineers and product managers may move on to other ventures. Less likely to succeed, of course, but that?s less of an issue for them given the rainfall of AAPL gains. We?ll have to see what happens.

What I like about his list and details - he?s not looking at the obvious inability of competitors to get their act together.? He?s looking at Apple and asking us to think about Apple in three ways that could really trip them up.? This isn?t about speeds and feeds, or screen sizes, or trumpeting who has the best LTE support.? This is about customers, and what they want to get done. And it is about people who support the creation of these magical products.

It is a good lesson for anyone in BPM as well-? as we?re looking at processes and the obvious lessons vis-a-vis competitors, are we also looking at the deeper ways we could be letting our customers down - or delighting them? ?

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