What is Mobile BPM? Definition vs. Practical Priorities

  • May 22, 2014
  • Scott

Someone came by our booth at Impact last week, and engaged me in a very direct conversation:

He: So what exactly is this, mobile BPM?

Me: Well… (noticing his name badge and that he works for one of the largest professional services organizations in the world)… do you know what BPM is? (thinking, maybe he just isn’t familiar with our space)

He:  Of course I do. But what is it to you, when you say Mobile BPM? What makes it Mobile?

Me: (starting to explain Brazos UI Toolkit, Brazos Portal, responsive UI, etc. )

He: Yes yes, but responsive isn’t specific to Mobile.  In our practice we define it as Mobile BPM only if it uses features that are exclusively available on the mobile device.

Well.  I gave him my take, that Mobile BPM speaks to putting mobile first in your design ethos as you build user interface.  It entails thinking about your processes differently, knowing that the processes could take into account location, accessibility, etc.  He wasn’t having it and walked off.

And that’s another reason to use a mobile BPM specialist.  The Brazos Portal is the best thing to happen to Mobile BPM since… Brazos UI Toolkit.  It looks great on a mobile device because it was designed with iPhones and iPads in mind from the start.  That great look doesn’t happen by accident.  It happens as a result of deliberate prioritization.  And understanding the mobile user.

If you want to work with a firm that worries about definitions and rules before practical outcomes, by all means engage this or other multi-national generalist firms.  But if you want to work with a firm that worries about real mobile usage for BPM, look for a firm like BP3 – that focuses on the practical experience, not on the nitpicks and rules of definition. To me, it is just another example of why we need Pure Play BPM services firms.



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