What does Neches Do?

  • March 20, 2015
  • Andrew

LI-NechesAnalysisRecently I’ve been asked “What does Neches do?”. Although there is marketing information out there I wanted to give you the quick and dirty run down. So here it is, no fluff:

Neches is a static code analysis tool for IBM BPM that digests your Process solution into a custom DB schema and then runs a series of rules across that meta-data assessing how well the team has adhered to the rules. The rules have thresholds for High, Medium, and Low violations of the rule and assigns points to your solution based off the severity of the violation.

What this does is easily and quickly present to the assessor all of the possible concerns in a solution (to the limit of the current rule set, which continues to increase). The part that the human is now responsible for is not finding the areas of concern, but rather evaluating the ones that are found and using their own knowledge to assess if that is acceptable in this case or represents technical debt for the delivery team to address in future sprints.

Now an assessor doesn’t need to worry that a they missed one of the hundreds of services that held a particularly bad problem. Additionally you don’t even need to be an expert in how to detect these problems to be able to view them and have your own take on if they are okay or need to be re-worked.

Sign up for Neches today and see how your process application does.

You can read Andrew’s Why Neches article here and see a full of fluff video tour here.

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