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Scott Francis

Washington Technology has a very complimentary article on Appian, a company that I kept close eye on while I was working at competitor, Lombardi, and since then we've kept track as we try to make sure we understand the breadth of the industry.

In it are a few interesting tidbits that I recall, but I was surprised to see come out in a tech journal - including Appian's roots as a portal product, their opportunistic switch into BPM, and their roots in Microstrategy.

There was just one part of the article that left me scratching my head:

A private company with some investment from Novak Biddle, Appian has been providing BPM services for six years and now has generated more than $140 million in revenue, with about a 100 percent increase in revenue year-over-year, Calkins said.

?We?re very lean," he said. "We rely on [innovative business] partners mostly. We have fewer than 200 employees directly on our payroll.?

These kind of quotes in a news article are irritating.? Is that $140 million over 6 years, or $140 million in one year, presumably the most recent of the six?? And "fewer than 200 employees" leaves a wide range indeed.? LinkedIn reports 172 employees, so at least this number is pretty accurate (the range between 172 and 200 isn't too wide).? Is it too much to ask for journalists to report crisp numbers or statements?!

Appian's free user conference is coming up, if you're in the DC area or want to head out there for it.

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