Walking Across the Street AI

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Scott Francis

There are companies that are working on moonshot AI projects: 

  • detecting cancer
  • finding new drug treatments
  • detecting threats of violence before they happen
  • autonomous driving
  • winning all manner of games (this is largely solved already)

And then there are many fields of AI that have been well-researched and we can now focus on how to apply these AI techniques to our businesses. At BP3, we've adopted the phrase "Walking across the street" AI to describe these scenarios. We're just trying to help you run a better, more resilient business. And we do that by understanding when and how to insert AI into your business operations. At key points, AI can provide tremendous value - but that value has to be unlocked by deep integration into your operations. So what if we know what your next best action is, if we don't tell anyone who can make that happen. So what if we read all the important data out of your legal contract, if we don't then push that data into your business process so that you can make the best use of it? 

There's a faster way to get real business value from Artificial Intelligence.  It doesn't have to be an R&D project!  In this presentation from Driven 2020, Tom Wilger, our VP of AI Services, will walk you through how we think about it in a way that I think we can all relate to: 

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