Visualize Brazos Adoption, and Announcing Brazos UI Enterprise 4.2!

  • September 17, 2015
  • Scott
Brazos Adoption is going Global

Brazos Adoption is going Global

Brazos UI Enterprise 4.2 is now released.  Unlike some other products on the market, we didn’t trump up the numbers and produce release numbers that make our product more mature – Brazos has been through 4 major release cycles and the enterprise version is constantly updated for our customers.  Brazos UI has been through nearly a release per week for the last 3 years, and is conservatively in more than 20x the number of production deployments as the next most popular toolkit.

And now Brazos is even better than ever.  As always you can find the full details in the Brazos UI Release Notes.

Brazos UI is the de facto standard user interface for IBM BPM – with good reason.  It is the most widely used UI toolkit in production, the most productive UI toolkit to use for building user interfaces, and it is the toolkit that customers consistently pick as the best-looking UI toolkit.  Brazos is not only being adopted widely by customers, but also by solution engineers and partners as their standard for BPM user interfaces.  Our partner reseller network is selling Brazos all over the world.

As compelling as the adoption numbers are, it is hard for people to visualize the scale of adoption worldwide.  So we put a visualization of production deployments of Brazos UI together – and I think you can see how amazing the adoption is over the last two years – this is just charting the production deployments that we know of – there are many more that we don’t have data for.

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We take the responsibility of so many production customers of Brazos very seriously.  This is why we work so hard on backward and forward compatibility for Brazos releases, and why our BP Labs team is so on top of the support and development effort for our customers.


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