Video: RPA Vendors and the Commoditization Trap

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Scott Francis

Neil Ward-Dutton brought a guest - John O'Brien - to his weekly broadcast on AI and Business Automation, to take on the topic of RPA vendors and how they are attempting to avoid commoditization:

Neil and John quickly jump into a conversation about how the RPA vendors are trying to avoid commoditization in various ways, and one of those is to make themselves more indispensable to different kinds of work. For example, Automation Anywhere and BluePrism have announced partnerships with MuleSoft that allow MuleSoft to leverage bots to be an API endpoint for a system that doesn't provide one.  Conversely, toolkits for Blueprism and Automation Anywhere allow them to leverage the integrations that Mulesoft exposes in order for the bots to control the action.

It's really just two sides of the same coin, but it is quite interesting. John points out that the use cases are quite complimentary in the end - different types of integrations lend themselves to each style of product, without a tremendous overlap.

Personally, I like seeing the recognition that choosing a service partner with the deep focus on Automation is critical - because that service provider while help define the context and framework for the automations - which ends up determining which tools are driving and which ones are passengers, and whether the technology selected will get the job done well.

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