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Why do people love their Apple products?

The specifics depend on the product.? So let's just take the MacBook Pro as an example.? There are a long list of reasons that Mac users will cite for loving this product.? The aluminum shell, the screen resolution, the SSD drives.? All of those things may matter.? But let's just look at something that Apple really cares about that sets it apart:? Battery Life.

As this blog post shows, battery life isn't just about the hardware.? Windows advocates will be disappointed to know that you can't just go out and buy the same components for a Windows machine and get the same battery life results, because when you load Windows onto a Macbook Air, for example (quoting from digital universe):

One of the best things about the standard 2013 MacBook Air 13" is that it has record-breaking battery life of 14 hrs 25 min (with the screen brightness at 100 cd/m?, headphones plugged in and the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and keyboard backlighting turned off). Under Windows 8 the results are more mixed [..] in the same conditions it lasts only 7 hrs 40 min. That's still very high?it's better than the Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A's 6 hours and the Samsung Series 7 Ultra's 5 hours?but it's only half the astronomical 14 hours + that the 13" MacBook Air is capable of.

So it isn't just hardware. Or software.? It is designing the two components to work well together. To achieve, for example, better battery life.

For BP3, what's the analogy?? When you work with BP3 you get a better experience than you do with other BPM consulting practices.? But why is that?

Because we're tuned to the software we're using. Because we write and design new software to work harmoniously with the BPM software we use.? And because we tailor our service offerings to the gaps in the software and ecosystems that create challenges and friction for customers.? Essentially, we've designed our business to be complementary to the ecosystem and software suites that we leverage, and we've designed the "whole" to be a great experience for our customers.

User experience isn't just a pretty face.

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