Three Steps to Understanding RPA (Robotics Process Automation) in Context

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At Driven 2020, David Brakoniecki introduced a simple 3-part framework for understanding RPA in the context of process automation more broadly. We think it is a great conceptual tool for evaluating your approach to solving your business challenges.

The short version is to think of the work as being one of three things: 

  1. Tasks
  2. Flows
  3. Decisions

Any of which can be automated - but you'll generally use different offerings to accomplish that: 

  1. Tasks:  RPA 
  2. Flows:  Process Orchestration engines
  3. Decisions: rule based decisioning systems, or ML-based systems are particularly attractive in this category of automation.

Of course, the world resists simple models like this, and the vendors who supply RPA software and other software are pushing the limits of what can be done in the "Task" category - including features for discovery, and basic process orchestration or human intervention.

Similarly, the vendors of process orchestration engines have moved to incorporate task automation and decision automation opportunities into your process orchestration contexts.

Finally, the same AI and ML techniques that automate decisions, are also opening up opportunities to automate tasks that were previously unreachable with automation. For example, we can automate document processing, and document understanding, and then feed the results to task automation capabilities that previously could not have been activated in an automated way.

David also provides a context for thinking about the time for payback for each of these offerings.

All of this represents the kind of thought leadership you can expect from our consultants at BP3 - we're here to help you get the most out of intelligent automation technologies. It isn't just about knowing how to push the buttons or write the code- so much of it is knowing when to deploy each kind of technology, and how to leverage them together.

But don't just take my word for it - contact us here and get started on your journey with BP3! 

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