Twitter and Conferences: Terrible?

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Scott Francis

Philip Bump of Pando Daily says that tweets from conferences are terrible:

This is why Tweets from conferences are so terrible. (I?m talking to you, South by Southwest.)

The point of a conference is to gather people for presentation and discussion. When you?re in the room during a panel or keynote, the jokes land well, the questions are pertinent, every line falls into place. Energy builds. The crowd is engaged.

And then people in the crowd take lines out of context and unidirect them out onto Twitter, throwing in a hashtag as a little rotten cherry on top.

Having followed others' tweet streams, I'd say this - yes you are missing context, but on the other hand, you're getting a glimpse into an event you otherwise won't see.? At SXSW I often attend one session and follow Elliot Loh's tweets from another session.? It is a great way to get a sense for whether I want to try to watch that session on youtube later or catch up with him (or others) on the content later on.? In fact, often the twitter conversations inside the room get interesting (but not always).

The good news is that you can turn it off.? Put that twitter client down and engage in the world around you - and don't let the SXSW tweets overwhelm you!

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