Transformational Customer Experience – through Employee Engagement

  • August 28, 2017
  • Scott

Forbes’ Stan Phelps recently covered Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys, our co-founder Lance Gibbs’ new book on the subject of the employee experience:

First we discussed the title of the book. It is a Polish saying that means “not my problem.” It speaks to a lack of engagement. According to the site Observation Deck, “Monkeys are ‘problems’ in Poland, and circuses are where ‘problems’ come from. If it’s not your monkey, and it’s not even from your circus, then it’s not your problem.”

Read his full article on Forbes.  Lance’s book has been getting some great coverage and reviews on Amazon, couldn’t be more proud.  In fact, we liked it so much, we asked Lance to close out our Driven 2017 conference with a closing keynote.

Lance’s book has also been covered and excerpted here, and here:

There’s been plenty of conversation about the importance of the in-store customer experience  today, but in this newly released book, Gibbs argues first the focus has to be on the employee experience or the customer experience will suffer. It takes a look at the issues that can negatively affect a company’s efficiency and profits, and offers solutions to help give employees what they need to do their best work. It’s 135 pages long.

As you’d expect, it was an emotional roller coaster of a talk with more than its fair share of monkeys. As I said when I introduced Lance, when it comes to BP3, this is your circus, and these are your monkeys!





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