Top 50 Private Companies in Austin

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Scott Francis

Ranked by Revenue, the ABJ recently covered the top 50 private companies in Austin.? It's a pretty interesting list - with Dell topping it at $58 Billion in revenue... And you can learn a bit about Austin's economy by looking at who else is on the list.

A distant second is McCoy's Building Supply.? Yes, there is a lot of construction going on in Central Texas.? Then the Austin Regional Clinic: Healthcare, check. Realtors, builders, and healthcare companies are sprinkled throughout the list, as well as a strong showing from tech companies.?

The cut-off for the top 50 was $27.5M in revenue in 2015.? I haven't been following this list over the years so it was a surprise to find out how close we were to being on it - #58 this year.

We have some great company on this list, as Austin is home to some fantastic companies with great culture and missions.?

Side note: the headline says the combined revenue is $5.7B... but that is excluding Dell, at $58B alone.


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