Top 11 iPhone Apps for Business

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Scott Francis

The top 11 iPhone apps for Business (according to the business insider).? They actually have a pretty good list, but I'll add my own thoughts since I'm traveling this week...

  1. Spots - for finding Wifi Hotspots.? Look, unless you live in a hinterland that does not have its share of Starbucks, you are really not that far from a wifi hotspot.? I don't find this app a necessity but it sure beats having the iPhone pop up a list of wireless networks you could connect to every 30 seconds (and yes, you can turn off that popup in the preferences - I recommend it).
  2. Kayak - for searching flights/hotels.? I might have to add this one.
  3. FlightTrack Pro.? This is a good app -but might I recommend Weatherbug elite -which gives you more comprehensive weather information than what the airlines or FTA will report.? As a result, when they tell you its a 15 minute delay but the radar shows massive storms heading your way, you can make a more informed decision. Also, the itinerary-style features are better captured by TripIt in my view.
  4. Subway Guide - well, this isn't too useful in Austin, TX. But the fact that you can access maps that work when you're NOT connected to the internet is pretty useful.? Otherwise Google has you covered on Google Maps...
  5. Taxi Magic.? Much more useful in places that don't have mass transit to speak of.
  6. Spotasaurus.? Looks handy, but honestly I've never had a need for it.? I travel all the time.? I still know good places to duck in for parking in Austin, and I've found you figure it out pretty quick when you're on the road too.? Usually if it is hard to find parking, it isn't cheap anyway.? What's $2 off of a $35 rate?? Its not like you're going to find one lot for $2 and one for $25 nearby.
  7. Convert.? hm. I mean, I don't doubt that it works. but top 11? really?? I can't remember the last time I had to do unit conversions, other than km to miles and back (is it really that hard to multiply by .6 or 1.6? no, it isn't. )
  8. Right Signature.? Hey, this looks like a find.
  9. World Factbook.? hm. Yawwwwwwwwwn.
  10. Virtual Receptionist.? Well, kind of interesting. But I haven't needed it yet.
  11. Print to Phone.? This looks pretty cool too.? I like the idea, and I'll have to try it out...

My list of adds:

  1. TripIt.? No more itinerary printouts.? It downloads local so you don't have to be connected.
  2. Hello.? Google Apps.? The voice search alone can be a lifesaver when you want to find a restaurant near your current location without much trouble.? And with this, you may not even need to use the starbucks locator and various other branded apps.
  3. Tweetdeck (or the like).? How else are you supposed to keep annoying your followers if you don't have this on your iPhone?
  4. <insert financial institution here> - you never know when you're going to need to check a balance or make sure a check was deposited, or make a trade.? Most major institutions have these now.
  5. Yelp/UrbanSpoon - you need to find a place to eat when you're on the road right?? These are good ways to find a place to eat.
  6. OpenTable.? Don't feel like searching review sites?? OpenTable tends to have higher end restaurants on its service because of the fees it charges.? Consider it automatically filtering out the corner tacqueria or pizza or burger joint, and focusing you on places that take reservations.? Make a reservation straight from the app.
  7. Evernote.? Keep your notes / photos of notes synchronized.? Access from your phone.? Its pretty good and comprehensive.
  8. I used to have Wall Street Journal on my list, but they put most of their content behind a paywall.? Not worth the trouble anymore, I just need to find something to take its place for good business news.
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