Today is a Day to be Proud of Interns

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Scott Francis


We have been fortunate to have interns at BP3 for three years.? This is the second year you could really call it a program (multiple interns!).? Last year I made a promise:

We?re going to do it again next year.? And it will be good. And I hope we?ve made a small difference in the career opportunities for all four of our interns this year.

And we kept the promise.? We brought interns back to Austin again this year, and it was really good.

Once again, our interns energized our Austin-based team, and helped us push some great ideas from concept to prototype and beyond.? A couple of these projects were internal- like the complete overhaul of software to support our cloud instances and installations, a prototype of an app to pull together marketing and lead-gen information from several sources into one comprehensive view, and yet another to address major improvements to visuals and UI for our process analysis tooling.

Our interns also had a really interesting prototype for a customer, and two of them built a prototype of a next-gen UI and UI building framework for Activiti BPM, based on the Brazos UI - something we plan to release open source in the near future.? As I saw the last playbacks of each project I was really impressed with how much had been accomplished in 10 weeks.? When we demoed the UI tooling to Activiti's development, the reaction was the same kind of "wow" reaction that I had - this is good stuff.

So it should be clear that we received great value from our interns. But we also lived up to our part of the bargain:? we invested in them as people.? We also gave them a chance to learn new languages and tools, and apply those to projects.? We gave them a chance to safely make mistakes without fearing failure.? They are all more marketable and more skilled than they were before their internships began. And this reflects BP3's commitment to developing human talent, not just finding industry veterans, but also investing in people to grow the overall talent base of BP3, BPM, and Austin.

But we didn't stop there.? We also taught them how to be good interns...

(no, we didn't arrange to have the movie "Purge" showing just under the movie "Internship" but we liked the photo op... and The? Internship was good fun.)

We fed them really well.? We exposed them to Austin culture.? (Really. Where else do you find BBQ for breakfast, along with a little Gospel music?)

And we got them cowboy boots as souvenirs of a fantastic summer - thanks to Allen Boots for the help!? I think our interns look great in their boots, but they might have had a little too much fun with it!

We also showed no mercy at the ping pong table.

?And to our surprise, we found that sometimes our Interns rock, quite literally.

BP3 Interns, rocking out

We're looking forward to next year folks!? Love the boots!

One last thought:? We're going to do it again next year.? And it will be good.

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