Tibco's ActiveMatrix BPM Announcement

  • May 14, 2010
  • Scott

Neil Ward-Dutton of MWD Advisors has written up Tibco’s ActiveMatrix BPM Announcement:

Now of course the next challenge is the execution challenge. Can TIBCO’s field personnel explain and sell ActiveMatrix BPM effectively? Although the company’s European salesforce has always had success selling iProcess Suite as a “standalone” BPM proposition to customers (thanks in part to the UK heritage of Staffware), the company has found this more difficult to do in North America. Here, BPM has been more likely to be sold as an add-on to a SOA infrastructure deal. This is something that TIBCO is going to have to work on.

I can certainly vouch for the characterization of the North American sales efforts.  Back when I was actually supporting BPM software sales on a regular basis, we loved to compete with Tibco.  ActiveMatrix BPM is getting a decent amount of positive press coverage, so it is at least getting a fair hearing, whereas iProcess had already been essentially defined out of the top tier of BPM solutions.

Neil goes on to say:

As I mentioned upfront, ActiveMatrix BPM is definitely TIBCO’s new strategic BPM technology platform – but isn’t the only process management platform that TIBCO has in play; and in fact, iProcess isn’t the end of the story either. TIBCO also supports two other workflow technologies: InConcert and BusinessWorks Workflow. TIBCO has committed that iProcess will continue to be maintained and supported for the foreseeable future: however it’s likely (in my opinion) that InConcert and BusinessWorks Workflow will soon be end-of-lifed.

Looks like IBM isn’t the only one with a surplus of BPM tools in-house…

Earlier in the piece was something curious, especially given the recent discussions around “Social” BPM

According to TIBCO’s head of BPM product management, “we’re just not seeing demand for social BPM in our customer base right now”. This is interesting: perhaps TIBCO’s customers have different interests than other enterprises.

Neil, you are too kind!  This makes me think they don’t have many BPM customers, aren’t talking to them, or aren’t asking the right questions and then listening. When I see the adoption numbers from Blueprint and Blueworks, and when I listen to people who run SaaS BPM software (Appian, process maker, Signavio), all the data I get tells me that there is quite a bit of demand for social BPM.

Also, Sandy Kemsley has pretty comprehensive coverage of the event.

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