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Scott Francis

John Reynolds recently wrote about User Experience Design as the essential BPM skill, wherein he quotes Nathaniel Palmer:

They really need to look at BPM through the lens of user experience.? So it is not just necessary to have BPM experts or other process design experts; they also need business functionality and either user experience experts or those that have some keen knowledge of what the user experience needs to be. That way they can drive how the BPM-built application should behave.


While I don't think we can expect BPM customers to employ their own user experience and UI/UX designers in-house for BPM projects, I do think that a focus on UI/UX can have great benefit to BPM initiatives.

Moreover, starting with great UI tools to begin with is a good head start for BPM programs (and explains why we embarked on building Brazos).? If we're going to build great user experiences, it would sure help if we're not distracted by the details of HTML5 and Javascript behaviors across 6 different platforms. And that's what great tools can help do - allow us to focus on users and less on the details of Javascript on different browsers.


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