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hangar steak! 

If you've been following this blog, you may already know that I've been following the Peached Tortilla for a long time. I don't have a financial interest in the Peached Tortilla, but I have a foodie interest. Yep, they have quite a few mentions in our blog. You don't eat as many tacos as we do in Austin, without developing and appreciation for the food produced by a creative enterprise like this.

When it was "only" a food truck, in 2010. I would follow them on twitter to find out where the food truck was setting up shop that day, and pretty much every week, myself and a few colleagues from BP3 would make a quick "peached tortilla run" for those tacos. The banh-mi tacos (pork belly tacos with some clear Vietnamese influence) were to die for.  The Banh-mi sliders were just as good (the bread soaking up the juices). More than once, while standing in line, someone would ask me, "hey, this is my first time, what do you recommend I order?", and I would tell them, "order the banh-mi taco, it will change your life." 

Order the banh-mi taco, it will change your life.

And usually these new customers would take my advice, and thank me for it. That's what I call creating an experience - it will change your life - and you're still not disappointed when you eat that taco.

Eventually Peached Tortilla grew into multiple trucks, and a retail operation on Burnett road - the Peached Tortilla had a home base.

one brisket, one banh-mi taco at the Austin Airport
one brisket taco, one banh-mi taco, at the airport

And I continued to be a loyal customer, because Eric Silverstein's ability to put a TexMex-Asian-Southern Comfort food fusion menu together is unparalleled. For our family, a TexMex-Asian family if ever there was one, this is like our dream menu. Dan Dan noodles, Southern Fun, the Laksa bowl, Lush Pork Belly bowl, Hangar Steak... nothing on this menu disappoints.

Peached Tortilla has catered countless events for my wife's business, Red Velvet Events, and for BP3's internal events.  We've hosted events at the Peached Social House, their event space on North Lamar. And when Bar Peached - their new concept on the western edge of downtown opened, we were there for the soft open and many times since. It joined Clark's and Ten Ten and Devil May Care as favorites on that west end of downtown. Eric and his team took their time, expansion came slowly and they did a lot of work to get each thing that they do right. He took the time to build critical mass in his team, his organization, their ability to execute on a menu, and on a plan.

Bar Peached, on the western edge of Downtown Austin

Peached Tortilla's restaurants work, because they create experiences that keep you coming back. The wait staff are professional and caring, the chef will come out and say hi, the managers remember you. They even create a GREAT experience at the airport location (not that I've gotten to enjoy it in a long time! ). The locations, the lighting, the ambience all set the scene. And then the food is amazingly good. So you order more - each dish an experience with a story, each one a new comfort food. And you come back.  And you bring friends.

And like all restaurants, the pandemic has eviscerated their business.  They are one of the very best at take-out, but that won't be enough long term. I can't recommend highly enough that you watch this video to see the heart and soul of the restaurant business, and how thoughtful and caring Eric is for his staff and his customers. And then ask your self, if you are a landlord, what are you doing to help your customers. To help them make it through the pandemic.  Or are you part of the problem? 

We need our landlords to have some heart, too.

There are more great re-open videos here - what a great series to really understand this business.

Another video "From food truck to Restaurant" gives you a sense of how beautiful the experience is, while still being Austin casual: 

My son, ready to dig in
Milkshakes... just because! This was from a team-bulding event! 
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