Thinktiv Rewrites the Business of Startups

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Scott Francis

Thinktiv just relaunched their site, with an emphasis on clients.? Over 200 companies launched and transformed, 120 products, and pretty amazing investment and exit values generated ($1.3B and $2.5B respectively).

We sought Thinktiv's help with our mobile product strategy - but the real payoff was that they altered the way we think about our own brand.? Not just the visualization of brand - which they re-imagined into something bold - but the way we think about brand value and brand promise.? And that thinking has driven a lot of our investment and software development decisions since.

The BP3 page from their client list references their work with us on BP Mobility:

By early 2012, BP3 had built a leading technical and strategy services firm focused on deploying large-scale implementations of IBM?s Business Process Management (BPM) software platform. Recognizing early that mobile device computing would generate a new wave of demand for mobile BPM solutions, BP3 turned to Thinktiv to execute the launch of their first technology product. [...] Working under tight time frames, Thinktiv recast the company?s visual brand and market messaging to reflect the new orientation of the company, refreshed and expanded BP3?s collateral and demo assets, designed and deployed a new marketing website, and architected demand generation programs that supported the successful launch of the product at IBM?s Impact Conference .

We've since pivoted from the BP Mobility messaging we originally put together, to focus on Brazos UI, Brazos Charts, and Brazos Portal - but that's just a reflection of the better context and definition we've been able to create over time in our space. As the offering moved more from development framework to products, the branding adapted accordingly.

It's one thing to be proud of your customers - to be proud to have them as a customer.? It is another to be proud of your vendors - the companies you buy from.? Thinktiv is the kind of company you're proud to have an association with, they've done great work for us and a number of other companies in Austin, as you can see from the website!


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