Thinking about Data as the new Oil... Process Context to Refine it

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Scott Francis

In a post-dinner conversation a couple weeks ago with some fellow BPM evangelists, Lance brought up something that the CEO of Tableau had said, if I'm not mistaken - that "data is the new oil".? And the analogy makes some sense. The data can be "mined" in a sense.? A lot of value can be unlocked by mining that data.? And visualizing is a step toward understanding the data.

But if data is the raw material - the crude oil - then context is what you apply to refine that raw material, to reduce it down to something truly useful.

What better context to apply to this raw material than your business process context.? Understanding vast quantities of data in the context of the business processes that are supported goes a great distance toward improving the signal-to-noise ratio, and unlocking understanding of process and process failure can have dramatic improvements on a business.

If the data wasn't generated by BPM suites, it can still be distilled into process using products like Fluxicon Disco, or used to enrich process-centric data and visualization.

Understanding your business, understanding your goals, understanding the processes that execute against those goals - this is what makes that raw data come to life. ? And this is going to motivate us to make some further investments in a process-lens on the data mountain that is out there.


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