These Guys are Killing It (Adlucent)

  • October 15, 2012
  • Scott

These guys are really killing it, and it makes me proud to know a few of them well.  I don’t know what Michael Griffin’s early pitch to each of these key hires was, but he has absolutely leveraged them to the hilt and built a great Austin-based business in the process (and I imagine the pitch is a lot easier now!):

As its roster of clients has expanded, so has the seven-year-old company’s workforce. Four years ago, Adlucent had 11 employees. Today, it has 85 and is hiring client services analysts, a data scientist and a vice president of marketing.

And, there’s a great customer quote at the end:

Mihai Anghel, e-commerce director at San Diego-based Skinit, which sells cellphone cases and other products online, said Adlucent’s focus on building a skilled workforce is what helped it stand out.

“In this business a mistake could cost you thousands of dollars, so you really have to have someone that’s going to manage your business as if it’s their own. And that’s what they do,” said Anghel, whose company hired Adlucent a year ago.

That’s quite an endorsement for a business like Adlucent.


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