The Strategic Benefits of Process Excellence

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Krista White


Having been involved in multiple successful business transformations, people often ask us whether it is better to focus on business growth or foundational capabilities. Our answer is ?Both.? These objectives are accomplished through the same capability ? process excellence.

Persistent ?double digit? growth is a product of process discipline in the areas of strategy development, market segmentation, product innovation, lead generation and pipeline management. Brief growth spurts can sometimes be realized through an ?alignment of the stars.? However, companies which deliver repeated year-over-year growth do so through a commitment to process discipline throughout the business.

Beyond the obvious benefits of top-line growth, businesses with this level of process integrity gain the multiplier advantage of business agility which positions them to respond to ? or, better yet, cause ? marketplace dynamics.

This same commitment to process excellence enables a business to establish execution capabilities which deliver on the brand promise crafted in the top half of the P&L. Operational alignment and delivery competence allows an organization to produce customer excellence efficiently by focusing on value drivers and eliminating waste.

The higher-level observation on this topic is that businesses streamlined through process excellence enjoy the compounding benefits of growth and foundational capability by focusing efforts on value generation at all phases of the customer management life-cycle.

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