The Sorry State of Mobile Process Apps

  • March 6, 2011
  • Scott

The state of mobile process apps is pretty… underwhelming.  After reading David’s post about process apps, I wasn’t any more enthused:

As the table below shows, the type of BPM App best represented in the App Stores I visited could be described as a ‘BPM Participation App’, that is, an App that acts as a client to a remote BPM server allowing the user to start and track cases, and complete work items from an Inbox. Note that the table is simply the result of myself as a ‘mystery shopper’ visiting these stores (which included an Australian filter in some cases) – there may be other BPM vendors with an iPad story (for example), but they just weren’t in evidence in the store on the week that I looked.

My take on iPhone and iPad and Android BPM apps to-date:  unimaginative.  They don’t re-invent or re-imagine the experience one would want to take advantage of mobility, location, or touchscreens.  They’re just barely-adapted to the new form factor by shrinking the amount of information at your disposal.   If the various BPM vendors exposed better APIs for building apps, and made their support for those APIs more clear and committed, we’d consider writing our own iPhone apps for users (there are a few exceptions, such as Activiti’s interfaces).  For now, we’re in wait-and-see mode.

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