The Shift to Customer Experience and New Opportunities

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Scott Francis

I had the pleasure of sitting down with theCube at IBM InterConnect this year for an interview.? There's been a shift from cost-reduction to customer experience and top-line revenue expansion, which BP3 is on the ground floor for:

@theCUBE: .@sfrancisatx what changes have you seen in the past few years? #IBMInterConnect #theCUBE #CUBEgems
? Dez Blanchfield (@dez_blanchfield) March 21, 2017

As I mentioned at the end of the clip, I sure hope this is a good reflection of a long-term shift in values at large corporations, but I share the concern expressed by theCube interviewers that it might be a sign of a bubble - or a very long economic expansion!

I can definitely speak for our team when I say that the most exciting projects are the ones that really enable new capabilities and unlock new experiences, opportunities, and interactions for our customers.

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