The ROI is not Enough

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Scott Francis


From the recent BPM and Case Management Summit in DC, more interesting notes from Sandy Kemsley, concerning ROI (emphasis added):

Second day at the BPM and Case Management summit in DC, and our morning keynote started with Jim Sinur ? former Gartner BPM analyst ? discussing opportunities in BPM and case management. He pointed out the proven benefits of process and case management, in terms of improving revenue, costs, time to market, innovation and visibility, while paving a path to digital transformation. However, these tried-and-true ROI measures aren?t just enough these days: we also need to consider customer loyalty, IoT, disruptive companies and business models, and in general, maintaining competitive differentiation in whatever way necessary to thrive in the emerging marketplace. In order to accommodate this, as well as attract good workers, it?s necessary to break the specialist mindset and allow people to become knowledge workers.

?Maybe it is the contrarian in me, but the ROI is always enough.? ROI will fund BPM projects from here to infinity.? Perhaps the real surprise is that some projects will be funded on an improvement in net promoter score, or customer loyalty, or a disruptive business, or increased revenue rather than just reduced cost.? But implicit within each of these is a great ROI outcome: tracking these other measures is a model or a derivative of measuring an expected return.



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