The Process of Teaching Apple

  • August 13, 2014
  • Scott

Great article in the NY Times, covering Apple’s internal training program (dubbed unoriginally “Apple University”).  The best thing I can do is refer you to the article to read about it, but if you take a look at this and other passages, you get the sense of a great deal of thought going into the process of teaching the culture of Apple to its employees:

In a version of the class taught last year, Mr. Nelson showed a slide of “The Bull,” a series of 11 lithographs of a bull that Picasso created over about a month, starting in late 1945. In the early stages, the bull has a snout, shoulder shanks and hooves, but over the iterations, those details vanish. The last image is a curvy stick figure that is still unmistakably a bull.

And how important is that educational process?

“When you do the case studies on Apple decades from now, the one thing that will keep coming out is this unique culture where people there believe they’re making the best products that change people’s lives,” Mr. Bajarin said. “That’s all cultural stuff they’re trying to ingrain. That becomes very difficult the bigger you get.”

It will be fascinating when, some day in the future more information on Apple University comes out.  This article was written with thin details from three anonymous sources.  I look forward to the day when more will be shared without the anonymity. But I expect that might be the distant future…


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