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Scott Francis

Interesting reading about Social Tools within Intuit on the Dachis Group's site, as they discuss engaging with social tools in their business and the new processes they have to embrace.? Christine Morrison responds to questions from Dachis Group, and I've quoted the exchange that caught my attention:

Getting diverse constituents to agree on process changes, or new processes can be difficult. Any tips you can share on bringing people together?

The answer is, it depends.

If the goal is to just make a new, first-ever process that?s never been attempted before in your organization happen (and it doesn?t have to be large-scale right off the bat), I recommend a skunkworks operation: prove your case in a limited, low risk way, and use that data to drive adoption across the organization. The overhead in this scenario is a lot easier to achieve: you usually just need one well-placed promoter who is willing to take a risk on a new way of doing things. Some of TurboTax?s most long-term, strategically important social initiatives were launched this way (Live Community and Inner Circle, for example). [...]

Call me a BPM geek but I like seeing people outside of the BPM world thinking about process, and in this case realizing that social tools don't get you out of having to think about process - but they do have implications for change in your processes as they exist today, if you're open-minded enough to allow for it.

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