The Next Big Thing in BPM – bpmNEXT

  • January 24, 2013
  • Scott

bpmNEXT is coming March 19-21, at Asilomar Conference Center on the Monterey Peninsula.  I’m excited to be attending, but also honored to be presenting.  I like that Bruce and company have taken a different approach to this conference:

No how-tos, best practices, or case studies, just a fast-paced series of demonstrations of new capabilities that are transforming the BPM (and surrounding) landscape.  We’ve heard a lot of talk about social BPM, but how do you build apps that leverage Facebook, Salesforce Chatter, or Google Talk?  You’ll see that.  What should BPM on mobile devices really look like?  You’ll see that, too.  Tools that lower the barriers to process modeling and automatically assess the quality of the output.  Real roundtripping between a variety of BPMN tools and a BPMS.  Automated staffing analysis that optimizes the tradeoff between labor cost and wait time.  Business-oriented tools that sense KPI trends to give advance warning before trouble occurs, and operational process intelligence that monitors end-to-end processes across heterogeneous infrastructure.  And let’s not forget adaptive case management, unstructured but goal-directed processes.  We’ve all heard the talk, but at bpmNEXT you’ll see it in action.

Sandy Kemsley has a quick writeup of the event as well.

I remember chatting with him at the time about how we needed to have something like the BPM Think Tanks back in the day when they were really about vendors, analysts and hard-core practitioners getting together to hash through ideas about how the industry needed to evolve. Then 2008 came, Think Tank tried to become a business-focused BPM conference with lots of case studies from customers, and it died a quick death – you can look back through my posts on three years of BPM Think Tank to see how it evolved.

As she says in her writeup, the speaker list is impressive, we’re honored to be included.  I can’t wait to see Fluxicon, Gero of Signavio, my good friend John Reynolds, Jakob of Camunda, Miguel from BonitaSoft, George Barlow, Denis Gagne, and Keith Swenson.  These are all people I follow extensively on blogs and the twitterverse but whom I rarely get to see presenting live.  I couldn’t be more thrilled about this opportunity to listen.  And there are more people I’m hoping to learn from while I’m there, also on the program – and attending.

If you want to hear about what’s coming next in BPM, now is the time to sign up!

Oh, and if you’re wondering what BP3 will be talking about – Ivan Kornienko and I will be discussing Mobile BPM:

Mobile frameworks have no notion of process, while BPM solutions lack a “sense” of mobile. A mobile BPM solution is more than a task list or activity stream. BP Mobility enables customized, purpose-built native mobile apps that understand the process. Our approach is essentially the opposite of what the major BPM vendors are doing. Instead of one general-purpose app, we are creating custom, purpose-built apps that yield better enablement, adoption, and ROI over time. Process-specific REST APIs allow mobile app developers to build richer applications while Business Process designers are able to incorporate mobile features into their process designs – location, social, or media.

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