The Next Big Thing in BPM : BPMNEXT 2016

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Courtesy of Benny Notheis

Courtesy of Benny Notheis[/caption]

We're proud to be making our 4th appearance at BPMNEXT this year. I believe -? along with Keith Swenson of Fujitsu, Jakob Freund of Camunda, and Denis Gagne of Trisotech - and Nathaniel and Bruce of course! - we are the small group who has braved showing off our work to our peers all four years. ?

This year BP3 will present a process application with no process.? The focus will be on the operator interfaces that are often neglected by BPM professionals that are too focused on the task-interfaces to see the operator interface opportunities.

I'll also participate in a panel on building a value-added BPM business alongside two other IBM partners, incidentally.?

I think bpmNEXT has been the most interesting conference of the year for BPM for several years running. Is it inside baseball given the number of vendors attending? Sure it is.? But is there anything else like it in our market? No there isn't.? It is one of a kind.

And that's why we keep investing in it as a presenter and audience member. The format is 5 minutes of Ignite presentation followed by a live demo.? It's great.?

If you're a customer looking for innovative process solutions, this is your conference.? And it isn't too late to join the party.? Check out the program here.? And registration here.?

For the first time we'll also see presentations from Salesforce and Appian, two vendors who clearly are engaged in BPM but haven't taken the podium until now - so no doubt there will be a lot of interest in their presentations.? A variety of IBM partners are again presenting-? this time represented by not only BP3, but also Princeton Blue and Capital BPM.? There are always a couple new vendors as well.

When it comes to BPM software suites, under one roof you'll have representatives from:? BP Logix, IBM, Camunda, Bonitasoft, Appian, Cryo/Oquestra, W4, Redhat, etc.? And we'll all break bread together and enjoy the best thought leadership in the business over 3 days.? Should be fun!

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Courtesy of Benny Notheis

Courtesy of Benny Notheis[/caption]

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