The Nerdpocolypse Cometh 2012

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Scott Francis

Last year we wrote about the coming Nerdpocolypse in Austin.? Most of what I wrote there is true today.? SXSW grew again last year, and is expected to grow again this year by 20% or so.? Once again it is covering at least 10 "campuses" around downtown Austin.

Once again the menu of topics is mindbogglingly wide and diverse - and shifting.? The focus has shifted toward the intersection of "social" and "business" or "social" and "enterprise"... But mobile, geolocation, and startups in general are also steadily growing parts of the schedule.? Most notably, LeanStartup is back, and Startup America / Startup Texas have arrived.? It just gets more interesting every year.? And by the end, I feel sure a bunch of blog posts will proclaim that this time, SXSW-interactive has jumped the shark!

Proving that SXSW is a little different, Yoga is on the menu every morning too.? Seriously. Sessions every morning.? Yoga.

Quoting from last year's post:

Some of our regular readers, if they?ve gotten this far, may be wondering, what does SXSW have to do with BPM?? Well, nothing explicitly.? But there are several topic areas that are tangential to what we do at BP3 and impact our work and lives.? I intend to get some of that famous ?cross-pollination? experience, and reconnect with colleagues near and far at the same time. [...]

I?ve said it before, I?ll say it again ? don?t underestimate the value of meeting real people who are excited about what they?re doing ? it?s incredibly energizing.

Looking forward to it.? But you might see a little less activity on the blog over the next 4 days. When I get a chance I'll try to share some of the things I learn in the conference - interesting tech, startups, or methods.? I think I'll even get to catch up with a few fellow BPM practitioners this year!

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