The Good News for Capital Factory Keeps Rolling In

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Scott Francis

I was happy to see this article in Silicon Hills News, about Capital Factory expanding in 2014.? Capital Factory has been a great resource for Austin startups since 2009 or so, and every year they figure out how to bring more to the table for the startup community. Just recently Capital Factory hosted a happy hour for Trilogy Alumni, but they had bigger highlights this year:

Capital Factory had a bang-up 2013: A visit from the president, the arrival of Techstars, adding another 25,000 square feet on the fifth floor of the Omni Building, incorporating live streaming of the myriad events that take place all week on the 16th floor.

Now the incubator is cogitating more great additions for 2014: A device lab, an interference room, a pitch room, a video lab and a user experience room, in addition to maybe taking over more of the Omni. And they?re trying to figure out how to make their new features available to the public as well as the companies in the incubator.

I love the tagline at the end:

?What we?re interested in is ?What are the things every startup should be using but can?t afford to do on their own??? he said.

When we (BP3) look at what to invest in for our customers, a typical question is- what are the things every BPM customer should have or be using, but can't afford to build or do on their own?? And then we go tackle those grey spaces and find customers that would like to co-invest.


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