The Go-Live

  • August 4, 2011
  • Scott

Great blog from Adam Deane on “the Go-Live Milestone“:

It’s an important hurdle for the vendor. It’s an important hurdle for the customer.

Attitudes change. Tensions evaporate. Management and end-users are happy. The euphoria kicks in.
Pink tinted glasses get put on again. Life is lovely

“Go Live” is probably the most interesting time in the life of a project.

The future looks bright. People start talking about replicating success, excellence centres, rolling it out to the whole organisation, to their customer’s organisations, to their customer’s customers… world domination.

But for a developer, “Go-live” is just a formal milestone in the project. You get the pat on the back from management, enjoy 5 minutes in the sunshine, and then back to the drawing board.

I think that one of the great failures of many consulting firms and IT groups is that they don’t celebrate enough at go-live.  Although, as Adam puts it, the real milestone for developers is dev-complete-  at BP3 we always reward Go-Live. Because dev-complete isn’t the finish line.  It is close, but it isn’t the finish.  And getting software to production in Fortune 500 companies is hard.  It is worthy of celebration.

Do software developers celebrate finishing a product release?

Do sales people celebrate making the sale?

You bet they do.  It is important to keep this culture of celebrating success in consulting as well.  Don’t let Go-Live just be another day on the calendar.  The team that got you there are your heroes, celebrate accordingly.


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