The "Dr. Koop Building"

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Scott Francis

The building that BP3 leases space in has been an iconic building in Austin.? During the dot-com years, it was the "Dr. Koop" building, and that's how I'd referred to it for years.? You could almost identify how long someone had been in Austin if they, also, thought of it as the Dr. Koop building.? More recently, the Calxeda sign went up a few years ago, and I started referring to our building as the Calxeda building to help people locate it.? Sadly, Calxeda isn't operating any longer. But on a more positive note, with BP3's growth, we also acquired the signage rights and as of Saturday, as you drive by our Plaza 7000 building, you'll see this:


I hope we'll be in this building long enough for people to start referring to it as "the BP3 building."? We occupy a significant portion of the 4th floor and we're pretty excited that now everyone will see our sign as they drive up and down Mopac during rush hour.? Hopefully they like it as much as we do!

As Mark Cunningham commented the other day on twitter: "BP3 has quietly built up a really solid firm here in Austin. Blueprint for growing the right way..." We have really enjoyed quietly building up, and looking forward to making a little more noise going forward, but only because we're being who we are and continuing to do great things for our customers and our team.

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