The CEO's IT Manifesto

  • October 17, 2013
  • Scott

Neil Ward-Dutton dreams of a world where the CEO would send the following message to their employees:

  • Technology is important to our company, because it’s the biggest force shaping the world we live in.
  • By investing in technologies wisely, we can deliver better results for our customers and become more successful.
  • By working together to make the right choices, we can avoid the big risks that can come from implementing technology.
  • By being open to change and being prepared to get involved in new technology-enabled ways of working, we can all learn new skills that will be highly valuable.
  • By not abdicating responsibility for understanding technology, and the implications of making investments, to external consultants, we can build a sustainable base of technology knowledge that will help us weather unpredictable storms that face all businesses from time to time.

Of course, to the last point – many might think consultancies like BP3 might disagree.  But we don’t.  Our most successful customer relationships are with companies that leverage outside expertise but also invest in their own technical understanding and expertise.  As we’ve commented many times before – CEOs and management teams need to look at their technical experts as valuable members of their team, not costs to be outsourced or managed to the lowest cost.  Of course, that logic holds true for the whole company, not just the technical experts in IT.



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