The Business of BPM at #bpmNEXT

  • April 26, 2016
  • Scott


bpmNEXT has been experimenting with the format on the first day of the event, a format they call the business of BPM.

This year it started with Nathaniel doing a reprise of his predictions for BPM over the next 5 years.  No surprise, the best coverage of his talk is on Sandy’s blog.

His take on what will drive BPM in the next five years is the three R’s: robots (and other smart things), rules, and relationships (really, the data about the relationships).

For all the interesting stuff going on in the three Rs, the R that I’m interested in is relationships – between people.  What is our future for building relationships with customers and between businesses?  There’s a lot of interesting work going on in this subject, which turned out to be a significant part of Neil Ward-Dutton’s talk that followed (thought it wasn’t necessarily intended as a one-two punch on the subject).

Neil’s talk focused more on what he sees customers in the market doing and how they are thinking.  His picture here has evolved over the last year, and I liked his visuals to capture the ideas. When he turned to customer experience, this insight got my attention:

  • The idea that companies have been distributing and decentralizing their operations and execution… at the same time that customers are prioritizing in favor of integrated customer experiences…

And the two goals are in conflict.  In particular, those integrated customer experiences are delivered by the parts of our workforce that have the highest turnover – in Retail, Services, and Call Centers.  And the people responsible for building the technology and integrated solutions?  Distributed across time and space.  It should be setting off alarm bells for businesses.  Is it?

Thought provoking talk – I took good notes on this one.


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