The BP3 All-Hands Meeting 2013

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Scott Francis

If you're an IBM BPM expert - or a Lombardi expert before that - there really is no better place to be than working at BP3.? It is the best place to learn how to do BPM right, what it means to do BPM right, and what it means to be absolutely committed to our customer's successes.? I have no doubt that we have the very best team, backed up by a company that is absolutely supportive. That's a seriously awesome combination.? Our customers who sign up for BP Labs subscriptions get a taste of what it is like to work at BP3- and what it feels like to have all that horsepower and passion for BPM backing you up.? It would be a shame if we didn't get all the great people at BP3 together every year to share ideas...

So, every year we get our whole team together - for our All-Hands meeting.? It is a great time for us to celebrate another year together as a team, to celebrate our successes together, and to think about and plan for the future.

This year we departed from Downtown Austin and went to a beautiful resort just outside of Austin.? Apparently the golf-course was brutally difficult, and it was well over 100'F that Friday.? But everything else went "according to plan!"? The BBQ at Kreuz' was fantastic.? Hyatt Lost Pines was a great host.? Red Velvet Events did a great job organizing logistics and all the activities - they're the best event planners we've ever worked with - and interestingly, they used to do the planning and logistics for the Lombardi Driven conferences and the Kick-off meetings.

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The discussions were fantastic.? We went overtime on every session - not because of a long presentation or solo act, but because the discussions and perspectives were just so valuable and interesting.? This year as we wrapped up the meeting, there were so many ideas in our heads going in - it really helped gel what we're going to invest in for the next year, and how that's going to make a dramatic difference for our business, and our customers.

This isn't the post to talk about those tactical shifts in what we do - but I'm inspired by what we're coming up with. And a big part of it is being able to align our investments with our values and what creates value for our customers.? And investments in technology aren't the only investments. We're investing in people as well... those investments are just as, if not more, exciting.? Making the best BPM service provider even better, is what I get up every day excited about doing.


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