The Austin American-Statesman Weighs in on the Best Places to Work in Austin

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Scott Francis

We've heard from Fortune and the ABJ, and now the Austin American-Statesman weighs in as part of their Sunday edition.? The methodology and approach to evaluating may be different but the results are consistent:? BP3 is rated the top small employer in Austin! This culminates a year in which we have truly been humbled by recognition at BP3.? Our team has really come together over the last few years, and we have so much farther to go together.

At BP3Global, which makes business process management software for a wide range of clients, collaboration and open communication is a basic part of the culture. And that collaboration extends to customers too.

Carmen Galicia was an experienced consultant with the company who recently joined the software development team. ?I like the fact that they care about what you would like to do and the career path you would like to follow,? she said. ?They ask you about it.? [...]

?People are always willing to help,? said software developer Mark Van Aken. ?They given everyone a lot of autonomy, but they don?t leave you stranded.?

I also loved David Bailie's take on how we hire for culture at BP3 (emphasis added), with which I couldn't agree more:?

David Bailie, who heads the company?s software development team, said BP3 emphasizes its culture when recruiting new workers.

?We look for a cultural fit,? he said. ?If you are not interested in customer success, you will not fit in well with the rest of the company. You have to be a smart person who loves to work with other people. We are a big team and we always help each other out. It?s not just you and your job.?

It's true: it is such a key part of our culture to care about each other and our customers and organize ourselves around that key cultural value.

Another article by Kirk Ladendorf focused solely on BP3, as the top small employer on the list (less than 150 employees):

?Our culture permeates the entire company and it guides everything from the way we treat each other to the way we treat our customers,? said David Bailie, an engineering manager who runs the company?s software development operation. ?Everyone wants to make our customers successful. If there are problems, we are all willing to jump in and do what is needed to make the customer successful. One of our guiding principles is: Do the right thing for our customers.?

?I have worked for eight or 10 companies over my career. This is the best place I have worked for thus far.?

This isn't the first time David Bailie and I have worked together, and I take this as high praise.? And Mark Van Aken adds:

?It is a smaller company and that allows you to do more things,? he said. ?At a bigger company you kind of feel like a cog in a machine. At BP3, there are multiple products and a real team spirit and you feel like you are a part of something. That is important to me."

It's important to me, too.?

The full list of Top Workplaces is published here. The top-level site navigation is here, The newcomers are discussed here.?

Finally, a bit of a surprise in the "special awards section" -


Scott Francis, CEO, BP3 Global

Ranking: No. 1 small employer

What the company does: Business management software

What employees say: ?The entire company is open to the possibilities of various solutions and interested in pursuing new ways to think about and approach problems? People are rewarded for caring about the customer and each other and across the board we are encouraged to do the right thing.?

Well, that is enough to make a CEO blush.

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Photo credits to Mark Matson and Jay Janner

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