The ABJ Fast 50 2016: BP3 is in the Top Ten

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Scott Francis

For the sixth year in a row, BP3 is in the Austin Fast 50 list, published by the Austin Business Journal. This year we returned to the top 10 in the "Over $10M" category - a great achievement for a business like ours.? Doing a quick review of last year's list and this year's list, it looks like BP3 might be the highest ranked returning member to the Over $10M category.? That's just further evidence that the hardest thing to do is to be on this list year-in, year-out.? I'm not sure if we have the longest current running tenure on the list, but if not, we're probably close.? If our 2016 results put us on the list again, it would be our 7th year in a row.?

The numbers published are based on 2013, 2014, and 2015, a period in which our Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) was 54%. From the article:

"BP3 builds innovative business process solutions for Fortune 500 clients and Global 1000 clients.? In 2013 revenue was $8 million.? Last year: More than $19 million.? It went from 39 to 85 employees during that time (2013-2015) and is led by CEO Scott Francis."

I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that Lance Gibbs passed the baton to me as CEO in January 2016, and he did a fantastic job leading us through the three years of growth noted above! I have big shoes to fill following Lance but it is a challenge I have been enjoying in 2016.

Our growth in North America and Europe have been keys to continued success, as has the adoption of our popular Brazos platform for user experience.? Going forward, the investment from Petra Capital will give us the boost we need to get to the next level.? We're going to keep working hard with our customers every day to earn the next phase of growth for our company, because we still have bigger dreams to achieve!

And lest you think that growth comes at the expense of culture - at BP3 we believe growth has been the driver of growing a better culture here, as you can see from our recent results in Fortune naming us to the top ten in Best Small Companies to Work for as well!?

Congrats as well to our friends who were on the list this year, so many good Austin companies were represented!? And thank you to the ABJ and the Hilton for hosting such a fabulous event!






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