The "Just Google It" Process is Broken

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Scott Francis

There have been a lot of posts about Google's "broken" search function lately.? Oh, if only I had a business as broken as Google's!? But, quite seriously, there has been an erosion of the value proposition.? Not because the information we want isn't out there, and indexed by Google.? But because it is buried in an avalanche of less relevant and less authoritative information.

So, when someone used to approach me with a general technical question - the process went something like this:

Me:? "Did you Google that?"

Them: "uh, no."

Me (typing into google search for the answer)... : "there ya go."

However, these days I increasingly find myself going to more targeted sources - wikipedia, for example.? And if the subject isn't technical in nature (product-related, lets say) - then I'm heading to twitter, facebook, or other channels to get the opinions of peers.? Of course, you can still use Google and constrain the search to particular domains or sites - but many Google users simply don't do this or don't know that they can.

The "Just Google It" process is broken.

If this isn't an example of how Process Debt can sneak up on you, what is?!

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