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It?s Thanksgiving here in the US, and it is always a good time to say thank you.

We?ve had a good year working with our clients, and building new friendships and relationships. ?I?m thankful for our team at BP3 - our team creates so much value for clients and has given me the opportunity to lead and serve. I love that our team cares so much about the outcomes that matter to our clients. ?I?ve never worked with a team so focused on the right outcome over economic considerations, and every year we just get more focused on outcomes.

Our belief is that in the long run, positive outcomes will create the economic results we need to build a business. ?And maybe that?s another thing to be thankful for - that our beliefs and values align so well with the way we do business - we don?t suffer any conflicts as we go about our jobs.

Thank you to our clients who, literally, put food on our families? tables every night. ?Thank you to our team who I get to cheerlead for every day, and thank you to our families who support us going out and pursuing our professional passions. ?I am so lucky to have the support of my wife and children, for a job that requires a fair bit of travel to do right!

I hope all of you who read the blog have a very Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful time with family and friends. ?Look for more fun posts here following the weekend!

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