Texas Back in Space Port Business

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Scott Francis

Having spent many years visiting and living in Florida as a kid, hearing that SpaceX is locating their commercial spaceport in southern Texas brings back memories.? Memories of seeing night time Space Shuttle launches from I-95.? I hope I'll be able to take my kids down to see a launch from Brownsville someday soon.

It would be even cooler if the launches were coming from the Formula 1 track in Austin - picture a Formula 1 race, a concert, and a launch all on one ticket! - but we'll take what we can get.

"We appreciate the support of Gov. Perry and numerous other federal, state and local officials who have partnered with us to make this vision a reality," he said. "In addition to creating hundreds of high tech jobs for the Texas workforce, this site will inspire students, expand the supplier base and attract tourists to the south Texas area."

Congratulations to everyone who was a part of making this happen for Texas and SpaceX. Elon Musk, who heads up SpaceX, basically disproves the thesis that no one is working on anything important in Silicon Valley.? From the blog post I wrote in 2013:

One of my favorite moments.? Elon describing his attempt to send a greenhouse to Mars, based on the theory that we needed the will to focus on space travel. That America had lost the will to explore and take on space travel.? And he thought he needed to inspire it.? Paraphrasing his statement:

?We hadn?t lost the will. We are a nation of explorers. I shouldn?t have believed we don?t have the will. We just have to show that it is possible.? That it is affordable.? It is not a question will, it is a question of way?

To me, Texas is a perfect culture fit for this kind of endeavor.? A hard-working attitude and an appreciation for big vision.? You don't always get both in one package.



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