Task Federation on Cloud, Done.

  • May 9, 2018
  • Andrew

BP3 now has a customer live with the next generation of task federation in IBM BPM. While the Brazos portal has always supported giving your users one place for their tasks even if you had multiple IBM BPM installs (or even multiple BPM providers) in your enterprise, 2 weeks ago we had a customer go live with the next stage of evolution – Federation of task between on-premise and cloud-based BPM systems.

For those who don’t know task federation is simply the creation of a single portal with all your tasks presented, independent of which system created those tasks. Your users have a single place to login and when they attempt to execute a task they are seamlessly redirected to the appropriate link for the target system. The complexity of the underlying infrastructure is seamlessly handled for them.

While this may at first seem like a simple problem to solve, ensuring that the user experience for grouping / filtering / sorting is unified and works even with data from disparate systems is not an easy problem. Add to this the support for using a single login to multiple systems and the problem can be even more complex.

I am so proud of our team for delivering this solution, and so happy at our customer’s success. They will now be able to transition from on Premise to Cloud-based BPM without the risk of a “Big Bang” migration. Solving these tough problems that have not been yet solved by others is exciting work. Let us know if we can help you as well.

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