Talking versus Doing

  • April 2, 2015
  • Scott

Neil Cybart’s post on the Battle for Mindshare is telling:

  • The Verge: “Up close with the HoloLens, Microsoft’s most intriguing product in years”
  • The New Yorker: “HoloLens: Microsoft Finally Does Something Interesting”
  • Business Insider: “I Just Tried Microsoft’s Remarkable Holographic Headset – Here’s What It’s Like”
  • Fast Company: “Hands on with Microsoft’s HoloLens: Windows in its most daring and unexpected form”
  • The New York Times: “Microsoft HoloLens: A Sensational Vision of the PC’s Future”

Microsoft was after one thing by revealing Windows Holographic and HoloLens: relevancy. In that regard, the event was a success.

But the challenge is that the next conversation will be about what HoloLens really does – and if it doesn’t deliver, Microsoft will have egg on its face.  A high price to pay for that relevancy.

Larger companies are battling to remain part of the conversation and to demonstrate that relevancy hasn’t been stolen by smaller, more nimble companies. Does fighting for mindshare with early prototypes and ideas that aren’t quite ready for prime time take the place of execution, intuition, and design when it comes to success? In the race for mindshare, many companies seem to be forgetting where the finish line is located.

We see this all the time in BPM.  We hear the drumbeat of a product that will be released in the future for months or years before it is released (if I had a dollar for every time I heard that the next release of UI would trump Brazos UI, I’d be rich – it is like they don’t realize the goal line is moving every 2-3 weeks).

I hope BP3 continues to follow the path of walking the walk with our products.  We’ve gotten ahead of ourselves before (in particular, under estimating how much time it would take to get BrazosOpen ready), but we try hard to produce and execute before we talk about it.

With the release of Neches, and Andrew’s posts explaining why we did it and what it does, we’re setting a new bar for BPM delivery excellence that will be hard to match.  And it isn’t a concept video with CGI, it is the real deal.

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