Taking Advice from Analysts

  • June 5, 2015
  • Scott

The weather was amazingIs there anything better than an analyst firm telling everyone to pivot an industry?

Of course, the post was written by Steve Wood, who has an axe to grind about his product, ManyWho, and therefore finds himself attending a conference and throwing rocks at the other vendors, but lapping up what the analysts have to say.  How odd.

Apparently, BPM is dead.  Never mind that companies like BP3 and Appian and IBM and Pega are thriving in the space. It’s dead.

A good sign that you might be on the wrong path – when the analysts are singing the same song before you are.  But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room in the universe of BPM vendors for another one with their own unique take on the subject.  So welcome, ManyWho to the fold – and enjoy your year of being the new kid on the block and criticizing all those old-guard companies… That used to be Lombardi, and Appian, and a dozen other companies.  But next year there will be another startup complaining about your old school way of thinking (hell, Salesforce is 15 years old – is that the cutting edge example?).  Next year you’ll need a better line than just being new and different.

The best thing BPM vendors can do is mind their customers, listen to the analysts, and then form their own opinions. Analysts aren’t gifted with any special understanding of your business that you don’t have for yourself, but they can share valuable context about what they’re seeing and hearing outside your four walls – information which you should double check and triple check with your team and your customers and your prospects.  Analysts are a source of information, but they’re not your north star.



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